Welcome Fay Gulini

Date : 14. April 2020

We are excited to announce Faye Gulini to our Team. Faye is a real all round talent in women snowboarding and great addition to our team. We are proud to see Faye on our Apex Snowboards in Future.

„After testing APEX snowboards I have decided start racing them. They have proven time and time again to get athletes to the top of the podium. As a shorter, lighter athlete my strengths never came in the form of gliding. I am quick and active and do best in technical sections. However, when I ride APEX snowboards I feel like I could out glide anyone. They lack the regular chatter that I am use to and my glide speed is noticeably faster. All whilst complimenting my already fast twitch active snowboarding style. I think APEX snowboard were the missing component to my success. I truly believe the right snowboards can make the difference between a top five athlete and a first place athlete.“ Faye