Wood Core Compositions

VS Core

The vs core is the main item of our freestyle and freeride boards. Our goal was to invent a lightweight 100% wood core with fast reactions, which is lively as well as robust in its construction. The vs core meets the demands and even more.

Ultimate VS Core

This core is an advancement of the vs core. Our goal was to construct a fast reacting 100% wood core for our sbx-boards, which is lively as well as robust. Additionally, it should be smooth at high speed. We achieved these qualities due to special absorbability element titanal® combined with the vs core.

L Tech Core

Our goal was to create a core with fast reactions, which is easy to turn, lively and robust in its construction method. The L- tech core is build for high performarance energy transfer. With an vibration absorbing construction this core in combination titanal® offers precise and powerfull riding.

PTS Construction

The construction of the wood cores is supported by our power transfer sidewall. The premium ABS-Sidewall material is stuck together with the wood core to one unit. This method provides optimal power transmission on the edge.



All apex boards are build with assorted glass & carbon laminates. To control the torsion and longitudinal flex we use them in variable configurations. The T.R.I.B.I. is our secret ingredient for the ultimate riding experience for each terrain.


This high quality material in combination with our L-tech core and Ultimate VS core is unbeatable. All our PROplus, PRIME, SOLID & SUPER boards featuring titanal®.

vibration absorbing / smoothness / liveliness / etc.

* Titanal is an AMAG brand


Selecting the ultimate topsheet material is not an easy one. From perfect look to different technical requirements. We combined the surface with a special imprint.


This sintered base is fast, durable and requires less waxing. One of our main goals is to build the fastest boards, so our decision was to use only high quality sintered base. We offer for each different snow condition individual base material. Cold- dry snow or slushy spring snowfields. High speed for all kind of snow conditions! World cup proven. Be faster than your friends.



From idea to product in very short time – this is one of our strength. All our APEX CSTM Products are developed together with our team riders. Our goal is to build one of the best boards for each condition – riding powder, cruising down the slopes or competing professionally.

Quality Controlled

High end quality is one of our biggest goals. We are monitoring each step of production. From raw materials to finishing process. If there is any material or manufacturing defect we offer two year warranty.


All our boards get finished with stonegrind for each snow conditions. Warm, cold. Or a universal structure. Everything is possible. High speed for all kind of snow conditions!

Milled Sidewall

Filing a sharp side angle makes for a stronger bite on ice. We work with 2 angles.
New finishing standard for easier edge tuning.