Date : 24. Mai 2020

Thanks for beeing Part of our APEX team. Last Week @nellymoenneloccoz announced her retirement from SBX circuit. @nellymoenneloccoz was Always one of the fastest women out there in @fissnowboard . It was a pleasure to work with you. All the best for your Future !!!

Konsti Schad Retires

Date : 16. Mai 2020

that‘s Passion. Thats the way how Konsti Schad Lived his snowboard career. Apex CSTM Snowboards is Greatful for your Inspiration, Cooperation and Friendship for Many years to make our SBX Boards faster… and i guess Konsti Schad will be hard to catch Even he is on one of our powder quiver . All the best for your Future. FOTO: FIS

Welcome Fay Gulini

Date : 14. April 2020

We are excited to announce Faye Gulini to our Team. Faye is a real all round talent in women snowboarding and great addition to our team. We are proud to see Faye on our Apex Snowboards in Future.

„After testing APEX snowboards I have decided start racing them. They have proven time and time again to get athletes to the top of the podium. As a shorter, lighter athlete my strengths never came in the form of gliding. I am quick and active and do best in technical sections. However, when I ride APEX snowboards I feel like I could out glide anyone. They lack the regular chatter that I am use to and my glide speed is noticeably faster. All whilst complimenting my already fast twitch active snowboarding style. I think APEX snowboard were the missing component to my success. I truly believe the right snowboards can make the difference between a top five athlete and a first place athlete.“ Faye

Welcome Omar Visintin

Date : 6. April 2020

Apex Snowboards proudly welcomes Omar Visintin to the Team. Our little secret is out and we are excited to announce Omar is riding our boards for upcoming season´s. We are happy to work with such a incredible Snowboarder and nice human being.

„I have tested the Apex boards this year and I liked them from the very first run! The stability of the boards is one of my favourite characteristics.
There are a lot of models and honestly i like them all! So I still have to choose and find the right board for every different condition.“  Omar Visintin


Date : 26. Februar 2020

„Zum Ursprung der Salzach – mit Conny Bürgler“

FREITAG, 28.02.2020 um 20:15 h bei SERVUSTV

Die Salzach: einst wichtiger Transportweg für das „weiße Gold“, hat sie den Städten und Menschen an ihrem Ufer zu Wohlstand verholfen.
Doch auch heute noch präsentiert sich der Fluss als Lebensader für das Land und seine Bewohner – von den Gebirgsgauen bis ins flache Alpenvorland.

Auf ihrer Reise entdeckt Conny die Besonderheiten der Region und der Menschen, die darin leben – so zum Beispiel Peter Maier und Bernhard Wallner, zwei weltmeisterliche Handwerker, die ganz versteckt in Hollersbach Snowboards für die Weltelite entwickeln.

Die Reise führt Conny dann schließlich hinauf bis zu den schneebedeckten Ursprüngen der Salzach, man darf gespannt sein, was sie am Weg dahin alles entdeckt!

Eine Produktion von Degn Film.

Heimatleuchten Moderatorin Conny Buergler mit Bernhard Wallner (li) und Peter Maier (re) von Apex Snowboards in der Werkstatt in Hollersbach, Pinzgau

FIS Snowboard Worldcup Big White 2019/2020

Date : 27. Januar 2020

A winter wonderland was presented to the snowboard cross fans at Big White Ski Resort, BC today with amounts of snow that makes every wintersportlover’s heart beat faster.

Check out the results and some Action pics: