Matti Suur Hamari Retires

Date : 11. Juni 2022

„That´s it That´s all“ …these are Matti´s words after Retireing from Competitive Snowboard Circus. The Adaptive SBX Athlete from Finland has won all competions. From X- Games Gold To several Olympic Gold Medals. From many Worldcup Wins to Worldchampionchip Gold Medals. We are Proud to be a small part of your journey, and wish you all the best for upcoming future projects.

Welcome Michela Moioli

Date : 1. Juni 2022

We are super excited to announce that Michela Moioli is part of our Apex CSTM Snowboards Team!! The Italien is an hard working Women, role model Athlete, and we are really happy and proud to see her riding our Apex CSTM Snowboards.

Michela Moioli :  I’m super excited to announce that I will ride @apexsnowboards the next season. It’s a big change and challenge for me, but I’m sure that’s the way to reach my next goals!😎